Friday, October 4, 2013

Drop the dock lines

We woke Tuesday morning and the adventure was on. Our moorage expires today so we are leaving whether we like it or not. It certainly would not be my choice of days to start our cruising life, but unfortunately my hand has been forced by the all mighty dollar (I don't want to pay for another month of moorage, assuming the port hasn't already filled our spot).

Given the current storm off the coast we are only moving out of our slip and not heading south just yet. We will be further delayed until the end of October as our friend and crew Tori seems to have more important plans than us (go figure - her wedding seems to be more important than our adventure.. some people). So our plan is to move the boat up to Port Ludlow and lay low for a few weeks. Jan is driving the car around so we have ground transportation and I am taking the boat solo. Wouldn't you know it - Admiralty Inlet has wind over 30kts and more wave action that our poorly packed boat should see. Lesson 1 - NEVER head out without everything being tied down!

We both arrived safe and sound and somehow found a way to get around on the boat to find our bed.

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