Monday, May 19, 2014

Relaxing week at Port Ludlow.. well, *mostly* relaxing

We have had a wonderful time at Port Ludlow! Jan and I both sleep really well on the hook, but especially me (Mike). We noticed this very soon after buying Rapture. I have not slept very well for many years. I am generally in bed by 9:00PM or so, but then I am generally up and at it by 3:00AM. But not when we are at anchor. We are still in bed around 9:00PM, but I get to wake up to Jan's smiling face looking at me because it is 6:00 or 7:00, not 3:00AM! What a bonus.

We have spent the vast majority of this week laying around the cockpit reading and watching movies. It has been the rest that we have been so looking forward to for so long. We did go ashore twice, and that is when the excitement started.

After 3 days laying around we felt that we should actually do something so people wouldn't think we are the lazy bums that we are. So we launched our kayak. We were going about our duties as normal getting everything ready to go. We planned to go ashore and find the hiking trails that we have heard so much about. Our swim step is quite large and has never been a problem in the past. But now with the boat configured for cruising, the swim step is a bit crowded (read: room enough for 1 person). Jan and I were both down there trying to control the kayak. She was holding the line and I was trying to get the paddles on board. The kayak started moving away just as I was trying to get the paddle secured so it didn't end up at the bottom of the bay. As I leaned out, Jan leaned out, the kayak floated out, so I leaned out more, so Jan leaned out more.... SPLASH! All I saw was blond hair and glasses going down off the end of the boat. Oh my gosh! Moments later she surfaced and I reached out for her. She started to take my hand but then noticed her shoe had come off and was floating away - can't have that! Those are move other favorite shoes! So Jan swims for the shoe, then worries about safety. Sorry I don't have any pictures.. I thought either I would shoot my last picture of my life or not worry about the camera and get Jan out of the drink. Next time, one person on the swim step!

After Jan got out of her wet clothes and took a quick shower to wash the salt off, we were "off to town". We started out walking "up the hill" as we were told, looking for the little store that marks the start of the trail to Ludlow Falls. We walked for a long time and never saw any store. Finally we spotted a nail salon so we stopped and asked for directions. Turns out we went the wrong way, rats! Oh well, nice day for a walk. We walked back, past the marina, and then found the "little store" a short distance farther. But by that time we were both exhausted, sore, and hungry. So the trail to the falls was going to have to wait for another day.

Port Ludlow is a hub for Kenmore Air. One day we were reading in the cockpit and spotted an airplane landing. So I grabbed the camera and started shooting. In all we saw 10 planes land, drop passengers, and depart.

We spent the next few days lazing around the cockpit reading (are you seeing a pattern here..?). I have been adding books to our Kindle at a dizzying pace. I think we have 140 books or so now. We just love that machine! Anyway, the clouds and rain finally went away for our last day at Port Ludlow so we thought we would go ashore and see if we could find the great and fabled Ludlow Falls. Sure enough, we were successful this time.

Jan and Mike at Ludlow Falls

Jan on the bridge leading up to the falls
Mike is worn out!

On Monday our friend Scott (Jan's supervisor from Kingston) came out to visit. He is our first visitor aboard Rapture! I paddled over in the kayak and ferried him out to the boat. We had a great time chatting in the sunshine in the cockpit. Scott says he plans to come visit while we are someplace sunny and warm.

On the hike to Ludlow falls we could see Rapture lying in the harbor.

Paddling up to our "home"
All in all, we have had a wonderful relaxing time at Port Ludlow. We leave tomorrow for Port Townsend. We are going to visit Carol Hasse to pick up our new sails (drifter and storm jib). I am excited to give them a try.

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  1. Hi Mike and Jan,

    I sit here on a beautiful Saturday evening working on payroll thinking about you two. I have not really had an opportunity to just sit down and follow your blog so I just sent it to my home email address to catch up. It looks like you two are having a great time. I am envious of you and your travels. I will say I am excited that I got to be "your first guest." I had a great time hanging out and chatting with you both. Thanks for the invite. I will say goodbye for now as I have a lot to do before 8pm hits. You are both in my thoughts and prayeres.

    Your friend always,