Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July at Kingston

What a wonderful and busy day! First thing this morning Bob (from the port) stopped by to say hello. It is always great to see Bob. He is just a real quality human being in every sense of the word. Then Austin stopped by and took us over to see his boat. It is a project boat with a lot of potential. He keeps going back and forth trying to decide if he is going to put in the work or get rid of it. Time will tell what he choses...

We decided to get off the boat and check out the festivities around town. They have the normal craft fair / farmers market here at the port. We are always surprised and disappointed when it is 90% crafts and 10% food. We are looking for fresh produce direct from the farm. Oh well.

These are plates that the "artist" glues other things to. Seems to be the rage these days.

Jan looking at some headbands

We walked through the market and then headed uptown to the parade. We are not much for parades, but it was fun to take in all the different people.

Evel Knievel float

I was heading down to walk the guest dock and check out the boats (not an open slip - it is fully booked by 10:00AM on January 2 - you can only reserve slips in the current year so the phones are ringing off the hook for reservations for the 4th on January 2nd) and I spotted Austin in the port boat heading for the dock. So I started snapping pictures... no pressure now.

I spotted this next guy sitting on the back of his boat with his wife. I told him I liked his face. His wife said "what do you mean?". I said it looks like you had a long night last night. His wife replied "it's a disease".

They had live bands in the park throughout the day. We spent the evening listening and dancing in the park - great fun! Then the fireworks started at 10:00.

We were tied up at the end of E dock, right next to the gate. There was a square steel tube that went across the top of the gate that a pair of finches were using for a house. They were building their nest while we were there so they were constantly in and out. We were no more than 6 feet away from them and they never gave us a second look.

We are sadly leaving Kingston today. We will make a stop in Port Ludlow for the night, then head back to the San Juan Islands for some more cruising.

As expected, we have the most wonderful time in Kingston!!!!

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  1. Where are you folks at now? I hope you are having the time of your life. God Bless