Monday, September 29, 2014

San Simeon

Rapture, Abby Normal, and Andante arrived in San Simeon in the early evening. A nice little place tucked in just off the side of the Pacific Ocean. San Simeon happens to be this very small line of rocks that hooks out a short distance into the ocean (google it and you can see what it looks like from an aerial view). It is also where the Hearst castle (for those of you in our age group - for the younger readers - google it, it's famous) is located. You can see the castle on the hill behind the anchorage (and I use the term "anchorage" lightly). We all wanted to go ashore and check it out, but that was not going to happen! You really get a sense of the power of the ocean when you come in close to the shore. The swell was 6' to 8' so when it broke on the shore is was pretty spectacular. There was no way I was going to try to land my dingy on that beach.

We had yet another violent night in San Simeon. There was just really no protection from the swell.. and it pounded us all night. Here is a shot of it breaking on the rocks in front of where we were anchored.

The pier at San Simeon - not for docking a boat.

Hearst Castle

This was yet another uncomfortable night and we were glad to get the heck out of dodge!

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