Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Paradise Cove

We left Santa Barbara with mixed feelings. We really wanted to spend some time there but in the end could not get out of there fast enough. So on to Paradise Cove.

Paradise Cove is yet another little inlet on the edge of the Pacific ocean. It has some protection from Point Dume (ouch, not a great name for a point that we want to anchor behind). I am really not sure how to pronounce the name, but my first guess is a lot like "doom". Jan cringed when I told her where we were going.

It was a long day getting to Paradise Cove. On the way we came across a huge flock of birds on the water. They were so thick it felt like you could walk across them. Maybe that was how the Lord did it??? (JOKING!). The group of birds was so big that we ended up sailing right through them (it would have been quite a way to go around them). And as we cut through them they either dove under water of flew off. When they started flying it darkened the sky! Fortunately they really didn't fly over the boat so I don't think we took any bombs on the deck (don't look up Jan!). The picture really doesn't do the situation justice - there was really no way to capture the enormity of the situation with our camera.

Paradise Cover was just a place to stop and sleep - not really much there. We had a good night and were off first thing in the morning. Catalina Island, here we come!!!!

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